Friday, July 4, 2008


What a great day ! First we had our family BBQ, so much food YUMMY YUMMY Next we had our 4th celebration at church. What a great time. Slip-n-slide for the kids, sack races, egg toss, watermelon eating contest and finally an awesome fireworks show. Next we were off to our friends house for more fireworks and some sushi WOOHOO Glorious day ! Thank you God for this wonderful country.  I hope everyone had a wonderful day !


  1. Waw, its really wonderfull.
    So I gave you a comment on your post just now.
    Then i saw the date. Its July 2007. Haha, sorry for the wrong comment ;D

    Anyway, blogwalking from wordpress dashboard. Nice to know you!

  2. Too Funny :) I just tranfered all of my old posts from blogger. Have fun on your blog walk :)