Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cold Mountain

Well I tivo'ed this movie on a whim, and watched it because I couldn't find anything else on. The kids and hubby were asleep and the house was all mine, so I decided to finish up my embroidery project. Anywho, I was looking for something to watch that I didn't have to concentrate on. Well this was not the movie to pick ! This was an AMAZING movie. I loved it ! It is jam packed with big names, which usually means the movie will be terrible lol This was not the case with Cold Mountain. What a wonderful tribute to true love :) I have to say that I do hate war movies though (even though they are usually some of the best movies) I guess they just offend my sensitive nature. I have a little Scarlet in me :) I just can not imagine having to deal with such a harsh reality as a war in our own country. Ok now I am getting to deep. I just wanted to let everyone know this movie ROCKS. If you get the chance, and a free 3 hours lol, watch it ! It is worth your time. I don't say that about many movies nowadays.

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