Wednesday, May 9, 2007


I have recently found something extremely refreshing. A movement of ladies that are going back to the "old ways" The days when women were ladies and treated with respect. I look back at pictures of my grandmother and she was so beautiful. Not just her physical beauty, no she had an air of femininity about her unlike many woman today. I have (after prayer and discussing it with hubby) decided to make the transition to wearing more dresses/skirts. I went with my mother last night and bought 4 skirts and 1 top as well as 2 shells. After I got dressed today in my skirt I feel so much "prettier". I can see how it will be a transition (I love my jeans lol) but it will be easier than I thought. It helps that my hubby is 100% behind me on this. I have to say I was surprised. Not that he would support me, but that he was excited about my wanting to be more feminine.

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